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never forget your dreams. <3
The only thing written in stone is what they put on your tomb stone. The rest is up to you. (via kuz-i-said-so)
Pull my hair.
Press me back against the wall.
Slam me against it.
Bite my bottom lip until I cry out and let me do the same to you.
Take your frustration out on me.
Let me feel it in the way you kiss my lips.
In the way you grip my hips.
Ravish me.
Cherish me.
Let me feel your love. Feel (via workhard-fuck-harder)

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You’re the one baby…

You. Belong. To. Me.
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In any relationship, both persons have to be willing to compromise at certain points in order to keep the trend of growth in a relationship on a steady upward trajectory. (via kaeandlucy)

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When your mom asks you if you have a boyfriend and the girl you fucked is standing right next to you

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